Jineth Bedoya Lima receives the 2016 Anna Politkovskaya Award!

Jineth Bodoya wins Anna Politkovskaya Award 2016

On accepting the award,  Jineth Bedoya Lima said:

“To defend the truth is one of the most difficult missions anyone could undertake, and its price can even be that person’s life, as it was for Anna Politkovskaya. For her, and for thousands and thousands of women who gave their last breath for their work, we cannot fail. We cannot falter. For me, as a Colombian, a journalist and a survivor of war in my country, there could be no greater honour than to reclaim the fight – both professional and personal – that Anna fought, for truth in her country and for those who believed in her work. The award that carries her name inspires my belief that so much pain and so much anguish has been worth it.

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