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We are shocked and outraged by the killing of Natasha Estemirova in Chechnya today. Natasha was a dear friend of all of us at RAW in WAR.

Natasha Estemirova receiving Anna Politkovskaya Award
Natasha Estemirova receiving Anna Politkovskaya Award

In 2007 we presented the first annual Anna Politkovskaya Award to Natasha for her courage in seeking and telling the truth about the torture, disappearances and murders of civilians in the war in Chechnya.

Natasha was a gentle, loving woman and a brave truth-teller, who was not afraid to speak out about the torture, rape and disappearances in Chechnya. She paid for it with her life. Like Anna did. Because there is nothing more dangerous than telling the truth in today’s Russia. And Natasha was a truth-seeker with every fiber of her being. She just couldn’t remain silent; she couldn’t play it safe. She was a fierce spirit, a whistle-blower, a caring and loyal friend, a deeply loving woman, who stood up for humanity…

Like Anna, she was killed, because of her describing and reporting the truth about the ‘dirty war’ in Chechnya. She was a condemned woman – giving voice to condemned people: the people of Chechnya.

Natasha was a unique woman whose courage has earned her death threats and abuse from the authorities at home. It has also earned her the love and admiration of human rights supporters at home and around the world. She lived a life of courage and truthtelling in the face of grave danger, as Anna did.

We call on the Russian Government to bring to justice, both those who killed Natalia Estemirova and those who have ordered her murder. We call on the Russian Government to bring to justice the killers of Anna Politkovskaya, for whose murder, three years on, justice has not been done.  


We also call on the world’s leaders, in honouring Natasha Estemirova in the coming days, to demand justice for Natasha and to pledge to do everything in their power to protect the journalists and human rights defenders who work in areas of war and conflict, and who speak out on behalf of the victims, as Natasha and Anna did.


On 6 October 2008, on the eve of the anniversary of Anna’s murder, Natasha presented the Anna Politkovskaya Award to the brave young parliamentarian from Afghanistan, Malalai Joya, with the words: “Malalai be brave”.

We owe it to the memory of Natasha and Anna to protect the very few who still speak out, on behalf of those to whom nobody wants to listen.


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Anonymous   |2009-07-15 23:36:59
May Natalia's incredibly brave and humane spirit always illuminate the way for
all those who believe in the power of truth and those who continue such work -
and what it lays bare. I am deeply humbled to read of this amazing lady's
courageous work. God bless her and her family.
Joy Watkins   |2009-07-16 07:37:02
Natasha's crime was to care, to believe in justice and honesty and to refuse to
accept the brutality and control of her people in Chechnya by the Russians and
the Chechen puppet government.She worked tirelessly to support others,and to
highlight the torture abuse and death of innocent people.I will remember many
wonderful times with her and her teenage daughter in London. Her worry about
Lana's teenage fashion tastes and her awe at her first glimpse of the Egyptian
exhibits in the British Museum, a lifelong passion. It is humbling to realise
the reality of someone elses life and a wake up call to know such a gentle
compassionate cultured and special woman has been murdered.My heart goes out to
Lana and everyone in Chechnya that looked to Natasha to make the world a better
James Hesford  - Natasha     |2009-07-16 08:57:23
I met Natasha when she was presented with the Anna Politkovskaya award by RAW
in WAR and the year after when she attended the 2nd award ceremony. I was
humbled by her presence - a quiet women with immense determination. It is easy
to forget that the heroes of war are not just the brave soldiers who fight on
the battlefield they are also people like Natasha who stood up and spoke out
for the victims of human rights abuse despite intimidation from those who wished
to silence her.
I am shocked and saddened by this dreadful news and my heart
goes out to her family and friends.

With deep respect
John Sweeney  - Journalist   |2009-07-16 08:57:36
Natasha Estemirova was one of those quietly spoken, gentle but utterly brave and
fearless people who make the world a better place. She helped people bear
witness to terrible things that few dare talk about. And now, she, like her
friend Anna Politkovskaya, has been silenced.
One begins to wonder at the true
nature of the political system in Russia if these brave women keep on being
killed and their killers never get caught, never get convicted.
I grieve for
Natasha's family and friends and grieve, too, for those people, desperate, full
of fear, she is no longer around to help.

John Sweeney
Arch Tait     |2009-07-16 09:20:21
What Vladimir Nabokov called the
Elena, Anna's sister   |2009-07-16 09:29:12
We have to make every effort to stop this count of tragic deaths of women human
rights defenders. I'm almost sure that was made by men, they deprived her
daughter of so needed mother's love. No pasaran!
margaret owen  - director     |2009-07-16 10:42:34
We are all totally horrified, appalled, and also deeply humbled by the courage
and persistence shown by Natasha...who we all met when she presented the prize
last year in the House of Lords Committee Room

What can we do? Be stronger,
more determined, more dedicated, braver than we have been to speak out wherever
we can on behalf of people like Natasha, and all human rights defenders and all
the victims, women, men and children, of terrible monstrous and vicious regimes
- who is behind this? Support investigations, lobby and campaign harder for
our government, the UK, and the EU and the UN to ensure that there are real
investigations of this latest murder, and to bring the perpetrators..and those
in the line of command right to the top...to justice.

God Bless her Soul,
May She Rest in Peace.
margaret owen Director WidowsforPeace through Democracy
Patty Kean  - Professor, Program for the Advancement of Learning   |2009-07-20 09:10:16
Dear Ms. Owen,

I think you are exactly right in your response to Natasha's
murder. This is the comfort owed her family, friends, and the victims for whom
she represented hope.I am going to begin to raise awareness of Natasha and
Anna's death among college students in the United States. I will also contact my
senators and representatives to ask them to speak out against Natasha's

My life has been blessed and free from this type of violence, although
I am well aware of the violence my government perpetuates in the name of
democracy. Violence as a means must stop. Without just and peaceful means of
reconciliation and accountability, democracy does not exist for everyone.

Elena Vilenskaya  - One person can do much     |2009-07-16 11:19:56
Many people say that it's impossible to stand the unjustice and impunity.
Natasha's life shows that it is possible. She helped a lot of people. Many of
them say that she was our saver. When we were walking with her in the streets at
every step people (men and women) stoped her. And they were people whom she were
helping. She loved people and wanted to help to everybody who needed this help.
She encouraged people not to afraid to protect their rights. She was very
coragiuos woman.
She was very coragiuos woman.

She was a very good mother
and the best friend for her daughter Lana.

She was a very good friend. I met
her first in Dublin. She invited me to come to Chechnya. And My colleague and I
came. Since that time we began to work with Chechen teachers, librarians and
young people. Chechnya has become a very dear place for me. It's impossible to
stop to work there. Thanks to Natasha I've got a lot of friends and partners

It was very clear the danger Natasha run living and working in
Chechnya. We all asked her to take care of herself and lana. She couldn't. She
could take care of others.
It's a very deep sorrow and grief for me and my
friends even those who didn't know her personally.
I express my condolences to
her dear daughter Lanochka, her mother and sister, her realtives, friends and
coleeagues. And we'll make true the activities, especially the film , we planned
Vassil   |2009-07-16 11:34:10
Wherever it happens, the murder is one and the same despicable crime against
human being. When it silences a voice of a person who speaks, it is a crime
agianst other people - against all of us who listen that voice. In the case of
Natasha, it is also a crime against all those innocent victims she was truying
to protect with her voice ... Vechnaja pamjat!
Therese Obrecht Hodler  - journalist   |2009-07-16 12:17:02
Deeply disgusted and distressed by this new tragedy I would like to express my
sympathy to Natasha's family.
Please keep me informed about all that is done
and can be relayed abroad in order to find out the truth and bring to justice
the killers but above all those who gave the order to liquidate Natasha. What
does it take to bring the Russian people to the point when these brutal murders
are just no tolerable anymore.
We will not forget Natasha, Anna, Stanislav an
all the others who paid with their life the desire for justice in
Humanitarian Law Centre  - We will remember Natalia Estemirova     |2009-07-16 12:47:54
We will always remember Natalia Estemirova as a true champion of human rights.
She bravely stood for all who suffered in Chechnya, her dedication to her work
overriding all fears and obstacles.
We know that the world lost an important
human rights activist, but her death will not stop the vigor and determination
of all those who know that 'all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for
good men to do nothing'.
Natalia will be remembered, and her murder will do
nothing but forward her cause even further.
Eva Hoffman  - Dr.   |2009-07-16 12:56:27
I am deeply shocked and saddened by the musder of Natasha Estemirova. To have
met her even once was to be struck by her integrity and unassuming

But we need also to send a message to her murderers: Their tactics
are not only inhuman, they are also futile. There will be other voices, other
men and women whose need for truth cannot be quenched. The human need for
justice cannot be killed by the killing of individuals. The perpetrators of
such acts bring ignominy upon themselves,while accomplishing nothing. One hopes
they feel the shame of it, and the respect in which Natasha Estemirova was held.
Natasa Kandic  - I was truly saddened     |2009-07-17 01:35:04
I was truly saddened after I learned about Natasha's murder. She was truly
devoted to helping the victims of violence, and her assassination proved how
important was her work .
Truth cannot be silenced by guns, and violence
ultimately cannot defeat anti-violence. Natasha's work will be continued beyond
any doubt, as she inspired and helped so many people.
I am proud that I have
been involved with the committee of supporters for the Anna Politkovskaya Award,
which was for the very first time awarded to Natasha Estemirova.
Philip Leach  - Director, European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (E     |2009-07-16 13:26:01
EHRAC statement on the murder of Natalia Estemirova

16 July 2009

We are
appalled and saddened at yesterday
Elizabeth Frank  - writer   |2009-07-16 16:43:22
Shocked, saddened, appalled.
Jane Chamberlain  - Texas lady   |2009-07-16 18:09:09
I didn't know Natasha, or know of her, before this news, but I recognize her as
one of the genuine heroes of this life that make all of us want to try a bit
harder -- no, a lot harder -- to do the difficult things that bring heaven
closer. She'll be remembered and blessed long after those who have taken her
life find out what life was all about. I am so sorry.
Anna Yankelevich   |2009-07-16 18:31:59
I am deeply saddened at the news of Natasha Estemirova's murder. The
perpetrators' acts should shock the freedom-loving world, as well as those
seeking a true democratization in former Soviet states. These assassins, both
seen and unseen by the public, must be brought to justice if there is to be a
meaningful improvement not only in the lives of the Chechen people for whom
Estemirova str***led and fought, but in the burgeoning democracy in the former
Soviet Union.
Estemirova acted as a free person in spite of violent threats
from the government that should have been protecting her basic human rights. All
who have been touched by this tragedy should take it not only as their right,
but also as their responsibility to exercise their basic human rights to freedom
of speech, assembly, association, conscience and movement. If we fail to
exercise these inviolable rights, the deaths of activists like Natalya
Estemirova will have been for nothing.
There can be no peace without justice.
Aleksander Grigoryev   |2009-07-16 20:32:45
God Bless her!
Elena Z. Jandova   |2009-07-16 21:25:03
Elena Z. Jandova   |2009-07-16 21:41:01
Drs. Igor & Irene Abramovich   |2009-07-16 21:53:53
We are horrified and outraged by the still another targeted political murder in
Russian Federation. We are in awe of the incredible bravery of such women as
Natasha and Anna.
Unfortunately only then their ultimate sacrifices will start
bearing fruits when more people in the apathetic Russia
start waking up to the
criminal environment they live in and begin raising their voices in unison with
the valiant fighters for human rights.
Rest in peace Natasha. We shall never
forget you...
Marianne Craig   |2009-07-16 21:55:53
Natasha, like Anna, stood for courage, truth and compassion. Her shocking brutal
murder was a cowardly act which reveals what a threat Natasha and her work were
to her enemies. But they will never crush the human spirit. They will never
crush the spirit of brave and inspiring women like Natasha Estemirova.
Annabel Markova   |2009-07-17 08:02:02
This is an abomination. I met Natasha when she received the first Anna
Politkovskaya Award and was so impressed by her humanity and quiet courage. It
is people like her and Anna who inspire and ultimately change the world, not the
bastards who ordered their murder. To paraphrase the words of the Bulgarian
playwright, Stefan Tsanev: writers cannot easily be silenced; their graves can
become trenches from which they carry on fighting. My deepest sympathy to
Natasha's daughter, Lana, and her family and friends.
Annabel Markova
Gurcharan   |2009-07-17 09:14:06
We are all completely shocked and appalled by the murder of Natasha Estemirova.
I first met Natasha last year when she attended the 2nd award ceremony for the
Anna Politkoskaya awarded by RAW. I remember her as a quietly spoken woman,
brave, inspiring and determined to ensure the voices that were silenced and
screamed for justice were heard. Natasha you are a noble heroine.

We all
have a responsibility to Natasha, to Anna and to all human rights activists
whose lives have been taken so brutally to continue their work as courageously
as they did and so their memories shine bright and to str***le to ensure truth
will never be silenced on human rights violations.

My heart goes out to her
daughter, Lana, her family and friends and I pray for peace and strength in this
period of our collective grief and outrage. May you rest in peace, Natasha.
Lord Frank Judd   |2009-07-17 12:43:17
It is easy to talk, write, and pass resolutions about human rights and press
freedom. In the Russian Federation Anna, Natasha and others have died for them.
This is a profound challenge to us all. We and our governments, unless we are
to prove sickening hypocrites, must do everything possible to make this cause a
priority in our relations with Russia and to support those in Russia, Chechnya,
Ingushetia and beyond who str***le to build a decent future for their people.
Jessica Slote   |2009-07-17 13:46:35
So saddened to hear of yet another horrific injustice and the cutting short of
the life of a beautiful, honest, and courageous woman. Her name and her work
will not be forgotten.
Jessica Slote  - Human Being   |2009-07-17 13:48:26
So saddened to hear of yet another horrific injustice--the murder of this
beautiful and courageous woman. Her name and her work will not be forgotten.
Julian Gallant  - Director     |2009-07-17 14:24:02
All of us at Pushkin House utterly abhor the murder of Natalia Estemirova, who
spoke here last October. Our hearts go out to her daughter and family. But it is
also tragic that the whole of Russia is tarred with this brush of brutality and
violence-when we know that the vast, vast majority of Russians also despise such
crimes. The government must now act to bring the killers to justice and start to
bring about a genuine rule of law. It is a daunting task. It is what Russia
Joanie Fritz Zosike  - That she did not die in vain   |2009-07-18 05:35:53
In honor of Natasha Estemirova's courage and resolve to speak to truth
regardless of truth, she teaches us that the truth speaks for itself. It rings
out beyond the chains, the gags, the hidden prison cells, even the grave. She
stood up for truth, and thus inspires all of us to keep on telling the truth in
her stead. May she rest in peace.
Annelie   |2009-07-18 17:45:18
Natalia, in the spirit of Gandhi, personalized the change she wanted to see. If
we all did, people like Natalia would not have to die.

Still it is the few,
the thoughful, the respectful, the caring and wise, who make changes in this
world. No critical mass was needed to reveal all information that Natalia gave
us through her work. Just one critical voice can do so much. With that voice
gone, we all need to do at least a little to keep her contribution alive.
sussan deyhim  - composer     |2009-07-18 18:52:25
stop the violence against truth.
Anonymous   |2009-07-18 21:17:37
May other people not be frightened through this coward action and still go on
to make aware of crimes against human rights.
Defense Committee for Malalai  - Natasha's tragic death     |2009-07-19 10:32:58
We, the supporters of Malalai Joya are extremely saddened by her death. She was
inspirational and she has cemented her name in the str***le against injustice
and oppression. We convey our deepest condolences to her family, friends and
carl gershman  - President     |2009-07-20 02:19:49
The murder of Natasha Estemirova is a crime that should remind everyone of what
is at stake in the str***le in Russia today for justice, peace, and human
dignity. It should especially remind us of the courage displayed by human
rights activists in Russia, whose enemies have such total contempt for civilized
human values. I would like to think that Natasha did not die in vain, and that
her sacrifice will in some way advance the work that she so bravely carried out.
But that will only happen if others, Russians and non-Russians alike, treat it
as an inspiration to carry on, and an urgent moral imperative to honor her
memory, identify and punish her killers, and pursue with renewed devotion the
cause for which she selflessly gave her life.
Nayereh Tohidi  - Professor/Dr.     |2009-07-20 05:04:20
I am outraged with the murder of Natasha Estemirova in Chechnya on July 15,
2009. This is the second woman human rights activist in Russia that I hear is
murdered. How could Russian authoriies stay silent about such blatent murders
and do nothing to bring about justice! Russian great civilzation deserves a
better polity and more respect for human rights.
GLUCKSMANN André  - à Lana   |2009-07-20 07:45:32
Chère Lana,
Tu as quinze ans. Depuis 1999 tu es orpheline de père, aujourd
GLUCKSMANN André   |2009-07-20 07:45:56
Chère Lana,
Tu as quinze ans. Depuis 1999 tu es orpheline de père, aujourd
Mairead Maguire  - Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate   |2009-07-20 10:34:26
Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate:

It is with great sadness I heard of
the death of Natasha Estemirova. I had
the great pleasure of meeting Natasha in
October, 2007, when she came to London to receive the lst Anna Politkovskaya
Award. She was a gentle woman with a passion for truth and justice and, together
with her friend Anna Politkoyskaya, who was also killed, spoke out against human
rights abuses in Chechnyna. I join my voice in calling upon the Russian
Government to bring to justice those who ordered and those who carried out
James Lecesne  - freedom     |2009-07-20 14:03:55
As Martin Luther King once said: "History is the long story of the fact
that defeated goodness is stronger than evil triumphant."

Let's make sure
that the memory of people like Natalia live on and she is a part of that history
ariel dorfman  - writer   |2009-07-20 14:10:42
This act of terror must be investigated and all those involved, especially those
who ordered it and continue to condine it, be prosecuted.
Oleg Panfilov  - CJES, Director     |2009-07-20 15:18:05
Us remains ever less...
Oleg Panfilov     |2009-07-20 15:18:19
Us remains ever less...
Bradley R Cook   |2009-07-20 21:55:55
sube a nacer conmigo, hermano
Dame la mano desde la profunda zona de tu dolor
no volverás del fondo de las rocas
no volverás del tiempo
no volverá tu voz endurecida
no volverán tus ojos taladrados
vengo a hablar por vuestra boca muerta
a través de la tierra juntad todos los
silenciosos labios derramados

y desde el fondo habladme toda esta larga
como si estuviera con vosotros anclado
contadme todo, cadena a cadena,
eslabón a eslabón, y paso a paso
afilad los cuchillos que guardasteis
en mi pecho y en mi mano
como un rio de rayos amarillos
como un rio de tigres
y dejadme llorar horas ,días, años, edades ciegas, siglos

dadme el silencio, el agua, la esperanza,
dadme la lucha, el hierro,
los volcanes
apegadme los cuerpos como imanes
acudid a mis venas y a mi
hablad por mis palabras y mi sangre
Vanora Bennett  - author     |2009-07-21 00:58:42
Very saddened by another political killing in Russia, of another brave,
honourable, decent person, this time Natasha Estemirova, whose aim was to make
her homeland a better place. My heartfelt condolences to her family, and to the
people in Chechnya whose rights she's no longer there to champion. There have
been many too many ugly political murders like this in today's Russia. It may be
cold comfort in a bleak moment, but I try to keep in my mind that the killers
will go on failing in their aim of silencing dissent as long as there are
courageous people willing to go on going out and speaking for the defenceless,
with love in their hearts. And more will come.
david Brummell   |2009-07-21 18:36:32
I was privileged to meet Natalya Estemirova three times. The first occasion was
at The Frontline Club in London in October 2007,when she received the first Anna
Politkovskaya Award. I was struck, both then and at our subsequent meetings, by
her gentle nature and purity of spirit, and at the same time by her integrity,
her strength of character and her courage.

This was a woman who, like Anna
Politkovskaya, was utterly selfless, with a burning passion for truth and
justice, who was opposed to war and violence in all its forms, with no political
agenda, and who was committed only to working for the good of her fellow human
beings, irresepective of the risk to her own life and personal safety. Along
with Anna, Natalya was one of the few figures in Russia who dared to expose the
terrible abuses of power and flagrant disregard for human rights in Chechnya.
Natalya's view quite simply was that war and violence never achieve anything of
value but invariably make things worse - the Second Chechen War being a prime
example of this.

When Natalya appeared at Pushkin House in October 2008 to
talk about the current situation in the Caucasus from a human rights
perspective, it was these outstanding qualities of character which led me to
describe her -like Anna - as a true hero of our time.

Every human life is
uniqely precious, but the barbaric and cold-blooded murder of a gentle and noble
woman like Natalya Estemirova is especially shocking and makes one despair of
mankind. My heart goes out to Natalya's daughter and all members of her family.
I have only contempt for her killers and those evil men who ordered her

I think that we in the West should revere the memory of brave women
like Anna Politkovskaya and Natalya Estemirova, and should support in every way
we can those other brave souls in Chechnya who are continuing to do their utmost
- in what has been aptly described as as "a law-free zone," and despite
the all-too evident dangers - to uphold basic values of decency and common
Eve Ensler, playwright   |2009-07-21 23:26:56
There are so few truly brave ones and we need them desperately. Natasha was a
brave one. Her death was an attempt to silence truth, to eradicate human rights,
to disappear what is real. We call forth a thorough investigation into her
ghastly murder. We demand justice and accountability. Natasha lit a fire and it
now burns feverishly across the world. Her spirit, her name will continue to
call forth the truth. May new brave ones rise in the thousands, the millions to
carry on her legacy.

Eve Ensler
James Meek  - Writer   |2009-07-22 18:24:59
It is all contained in those two words of Natasha's: 'Be brave.'

Remember them,
Natasha Estemirova, Anna Politkovskaya, Larisa Yudina.
boyka velkova  - actress   |2009-07-22 21:00:22
God bless her and her family.
Nazaneen Rashid   |2009-07-24 13:06:42
I am so sad for what happened to Natasha.The death of Lovely Natasha is a human
disaster.I cannot imagine how people allow themselves to kill such a lovely
brave woman. I will put my voice along side all other voices to demand justice
for Natasha.
Laura Flanders  - Host, Executive Producer, GRITtv     |2009-07-24 20:58:32
Like Anna, Natasha was one of the brave ones, the outspoken ones, the ones who
remind us that truth matters. As journalists we put profession at risk when we
allow these contemporary Cassandras to be silenced. As people and especially as
women, we risk our humanity and our conscience.
Hilde Keteleer   |2009-07-25 12:35:07
I call on the Russian Government to bring to justice, both those who killed
Natalia Estemirova and those who have ordered her murder. We call on the Russian
Government to bring to justice the killers of Anna Politkovskaya, for whose
murder, three years on, justice has not been done.
Martin Dewhirst  - a response   |2009-07-25 19:08:54
I haven't got over my shock and grief at the deliberate murder of a wonderful
lady. I have been wondering why her dead body was 'discovered' so promptly.
Usually the corpses of people who 'disappear' in Chechnya are either never found
or found much less quickly. Perhaps the reason for this exception is the
expectation of the authorities that the situation will get even worse and they
want as few people as possible to report on this. And Memorial has indeed
suspended its activities in Chechnya. Alas, there is little we in the West can
do, but I intend at least to write more regularly to my friends in Russia in an
attempt to maintain their morale and make them realise they are not forgotten.
What else can we do?
zoia grannes  - psychologist   |2009-07-26 18:25:16
What a shame! Human Rights are sold for oil and gas, but our dear, gentle, brave
Natasha paid her life for being a real Human Rights defender.
Ana Costa   |2009-09-01 11:20:43
Women´s rights are people`s rights.
maxine formaggi   |2009-09-03 12:26:25
I support rawinwar totally in its campaign for justice and truth about the
murders of Russian journalists in their own country. Brave, honest women have
died, killed by cowardly, corrupt individuals who value power and money over
decency and respect for human rights. The world is watching.
Patty Kean  - Natasha and Anna are not forgotten   |2009-09-04 02:46:25
Still holding all of you in my heart and in my conversations. I am speaking of
Anna and Natasha and RAWinWAR to my colleagues and students and friends. And,
daily, I pray for your strength.

This past summer, I told young adult human
rights leaders from all around the world about Anna and Natasha! I led them to
RAWinWAR's website. They now know about the doctor's story, The Oath.

heartache! Such injustice! So much need for healing...for everyone.

some who have media's attention can bring these amazing women's story to more
Natasha Giddens  - Where are the roots of our cultural patterns.   |2009-10-02 21:28:16
Clearly, this is a cultural pattern that started long before the war in
Chechnya. I cant quite pin point where the root of the behavior started.
Perhaps, it was after the turn of the century when everyone recognized that
without the working class, without the peasants, without the body of Russia, the
country would not be as rich as it is today. Rich in culture that is. Rich in
patriotism, rich in experience, and fierce to say the least. The pattern of
events and murders is one of its own kind. Plutonium is not something that the
general public has access to. Anna Politkovskaya developed a unique perspective
because she had the choice to. She was raised in New York, the daughter of
western educated parents. Her primary influence was not a culture of such
brutality. Neither were her successors, or her leaders at that. I respect her
for staying in Moscow and remaining determined to deliver the word to the
Russian people, about the circumstances they would never have the opportunity to
be exposed to. She was an activist, and she was an educator. Education is what
I personally see as one of the most valuable tools for creating a system where
violence is not tolerated. Exposure and experience will enable the citizens to
recognize the contradictions and violations existing around them. Most
importantly, education allows one to recognize the destruction and malformation
in such violent and corrupt acts. After all, I am not sure what percent of the
Russian population processes these events as abnormal?

Georgetown University
Washington, DC
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