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Natalia Estemirova, Found Murdered PDF E-mail

Natalia Estemirova
Natalia Estemirova
Natalia Estemirova, rewarded with the Anna Politkovskaya Award in 2007 for being a courageous human rights activist and valiant journalist was murdered on Wednesday morning in the Russian republic of Ingushetia. According to witness reports she was abducted in the Capital city of Cheshnya. Whilst she was kidnapped into a white van she screamed that this was an abduction. Later Estemirova was found dead, killed by 2 gunshot wounds to her face as the region’s interior ministry reports.

Human rights watch stated that she was working on immensely sensitive cases of human rights abuse in Chechnya.




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patricia   |2009-07-15 23:34:33
I´m so so sad and mad at the world today. My heart goes to her daughter,
relatives and friends.
Amanda Sebestyen  - Network for Social Change   |2009-07-16 12:53:46
I am shocked beyond words, even though Natasha was very clear with me about the
risks she ran. She missed her daughter so much, who had to be sent out of the
country for safety.

I just did not want to believe that this would happen to
Natalia in her turn. I carry the strongest memory of her clear-eyed knowledge
of the situation, her stature and humanity.

Meanwhile all my thoughts to you
at RAW, and your work. I am proud to sign RAW's statement.
Is there more we can
Robert Chandler  - Clear-minded and courageous   |2009-07-16 13:22:48
I only heard Natalia Estemirova once, but she made a deep impression on me. She
spoke clearly, courageously and with grace. All her words were considered - it
was clear that she was not just flinging accusations around casually. Her death
is a painful loss.

Robert Chandler
Jeremy Putley  - She made a deep impression on me also   |2009-07-17 08:08:21
My notes of what Natalia said at the conference on 25/11/05 follow, and I think
it is imporetant to remember her words:

Natalia Estemirova, of Memorial,
lives in Grozny. In her address, in
Russian, she spoke of the destruction of
the Chechens' unique
culture, of Chechen society, which she described as
constituting a
part of the genocide. She described how, in the Ingushetian
camps, order was maintained and there was no crime
Jeremy Putley   |2009-07-17 08:15:53
Sorry, ran out of room, but the text can be found at

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chechnya-sl/messag e/46829
Ieva Raubisko   |2009-07-16 20:31:55
I miss Natasha sorely. She was a wonderful and gracious human being, sincere and
brave. There is so much to learn from her, so much to live up to. Let's try to
keep the memory of her the same way she kept the memory and continued the work
of Anna Politkovsakya, Viktor Popokov, Stas Markelov and others who died before
God bless you, Natasha. Rest in peace.
Lynellyn Long  - Research Director/Associate Professor   |2009-07-19 20:14:14
It was a privilege to have met Natasha and to have learned about her work. Her
courage must inspire us all to work harder for truth, justice, and tolerance.
She was a beautiful person, who did so much for all of us in the all too short
time she lived. My family sends our love and prayers for her daughter, other
family members, and colleagues.
Friederike Behr   |2009-07-20 16:09:17
It is still difficult to believe that Natasha is dead. We spoke so many times
about the threats she faced for doing her work but she did not want to stop, to
let fear guide her steps. She said she still had work to do, especially after
her friends Anna Politkovskaya and Stanilav Markelov had been killed. I will
always remember her energy, her kindness, the inspiration she gave. She was a
beautiful, most courageous woman and always prepared to help those deprived of
their rights. To honour her will be to learn from her, to continue to stand up
against impunity and not to stop until her murderers and the murderers and
torturers of so many more people in Russia have been found and human rights are
being respected.
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