Raw in War
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Message from Lord Judd for RAW in WAR Anna Politkovskaya Award

Anna Politkovskaya remains a challenging example of selfless courage and integrity in journalism. That she was so cold bloodedly murdered will forever raise profound questions about the prevailing realities in Russia. Truth could not be accommodated.

There are other countries besides Russia where Anna's example and this prize in her honour sadly are high relevant. Afghanistan is one. Today we therefore not only warmly congratulate the prizewinner, but also demonstrate our solidarity with all those NGO’s, academics, professionals and other individuals who bravely make their stand for the better future they want to achieve.

Women and girls are still too often the victims of war, tyranny and oppression. Physically abused and psychologically damaged, their plight demands our total commitment to their support. The biggest task of all, however, is to strive for the justice and freedom, which underpin decent society. There is no room for complacency - anywhere.

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