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Anna Politkovskaya

Eight years ago today, Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered. Earlier this year, five men were found guilty of having committed the murder and all of them were given lengthy prison sentences. A sixth man had been sentenced already in 2012.  However, those who ordered the killing and who financed it have still not been found.

Neither have the killers of Anna’s friend and the first recipient of the Anna Politkovskaya Award, Natalia Estemirova, been found. We are convinced that justice will be done only when those who ordered these murders are brought to account.  

We do not know who ordered these heinous crimes. Perhaps they are high-ranking government officials or their friends, or perhaps they are people with no links to the authorities at all. But we believe that the Russian authorities lack the political will to bring to justice those who stand behind the murder of Anna and of Natalia. Both Anna and Natalia spoke truth to power and we are convinced that they were killed to silence them. To reveal the whole truth, the authorities need to identify the people who ordered Anna's and Natalia's murders.

We will continue to call for justice for both these courageous women as long as it takes. And we will remember them and their work for human rights and for justice. 

To mark the anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder on 7th October 2006, and to honour Anna and other women like her in the worldRAW in WAR (Reach All Women in WAR) annually presents the Anna Politkovskaya Award to a woman human rights defender from a conflict zone in the world who, like Anna, stands up for the victims of this conflict, often at great personal risk. Yesterday, on the eve of the anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder on Tuesday 7th October, RAW in WAR honoured Vian Dakhil with the 2014 Anna Politkovskaya Award for her courage to speak out and to give a voice to the many Yazidi and Iraqi women and girls whose voices cannot be heard. 

Anna Politkovskaya, the campaigning Russian journalist and outspoken government critic, exposed the brutal treatment of civilians in Chechnya and the North Caucasus at the hands of both the Russian forces and the Chechen fighters. Anna lived a life of courage and truth-telling in the face of grave danger, just like her friend and the first recipient of the Anna Politkovskaya Award, Natalia Estemirova, who was murdered on 15 July 2009.



Sign our petition to end the abuse and violence against women and girls in Iraq PDF E-mail

Join us in supporting the efforts of this year's Anna Politkovskaya Award winner, Vian Dakhil, and sign our petition urging the UN Member States to take urgent steps to end the abuse and violence against women and girls in Iraq.


RAW in WAR (Reach All Women in WAR) calls on the international community, the United Nations and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to do their utmost to stop Islamic State in Iraq and Syria from committing atrocities against the civilian population and to stop waging a war against women. Members of ethnic and religious minorities, such as the Yazidi, are being kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, or sold as slaves and frequently killed. 

 Please visit change.org HERE to sign the petition, and share it with friends!  

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Video: Vian Dakhil "Are We Really in the Third Millennium?" PDF E-mail


  VIDEO: Vian Dakhil's acceptance speech for the 2014 RAW in WAR Anna Politkovskaya Award - "Are We Really in the Third Millennium?

Channel 4 News [London]: Yazidi MP wins award for passionate defence of her people PDF E-mail
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Two months ago a passionate speech in the Iraqi parliament drew the world's attention to the desparate plight of a people few outside had heard of: the Yazidis.
The Yazidi MP Vian Dakhil wept and collapsed as she exhorted not just Iraqis but the world beyond to save her people from Islamic State militants.
"Save us! Save us!" she cried. "For 48 hours, 30,00 families have been besieged in the Sinjar Mountains. Without water. Without food. They are dying". 
Reuters [London]: Outspoken Yazidi politician wins award for women against war PDF E-mail

The pain of a broken leg from a helicopter crash pales in comparison with the suffering of her persecuted fellow-Yazidis, the 2014 winner of an award for women working in war-striken countries said on Monday.

Vian Dakhil, the only ethnic Yazidi in Iraq's parliament, has been awarded the annual Reach All Women in WAR (RAW in WAR) Anna Politkovskaya Award for campaigning for the protection of the Yazidi people, for refugees and those trapped in towns and villages controlled by the militant Sunni group Islamic State.

The politician, who survived a helicopter crash but broke a leg in August while delivering aid to Yazidis on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, said nothing would stop her campaign to save the Yazidi people "trapped in the grip of Islamic State". 

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